Samstag, 24. Mai 2014

Consumer Rights Campaign 2014

As consumers, we are often faced with situations where we are misled, unsure of what we were buying, or have simply changed our minds. This is even more the case when shopping online. Buying services and products online has become much easier, however, it's important that citizens feel safe when making use of these opportunities. The rights granted by EU legislation are only useful if people – both consumers and businesses - are aware of them. This is why the European Commission is launching an awareness campaign at a time when consumers are being given a whole new set of reinforced rights.
The awareness raising campaign, led by Vice President Reding and Commissioner Mimica, aims to inform citizens about key consumer rights such as:
  • the right to have defective goods repaired or replaced;
  • the right to return something bought on-line during the first 14 days after purchase;
  • the right to receive helpful advice in your own country and language if you have a dispute with a trader from another EU country;
  • the right to get true and complete statements on the nature of products and services and on all the costs involved;
  • the right to have accessible contracts, with clear and understandable conditions.

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