Samstag, 22. März 2014

ANEC study on models of special accommodation for older people across Europe

Between 2008 and 2012, ANEC contributed to the development of the first European standardisation initiative in the area of social welfare: Sheltered Housing for Older People. That process ended with the publication of a weaker deliverable than expected and highlighted the need to consider the diversity of models of accommodation and care for older people in possible future standardisation work.
ANEC recently published a study, proposed by the ANEC Services and Design for All Working Groups, with a view to informing future work on standardisation related to accommodation and care for older people.
The study confirms a geographical categorisation of these services, and shows the provision of care support to older people in their homes is affected by the cultural specificities. In some countries, evidence has shown an increasing focus on enabling older people to remain at home, or in supported housing, where they retain independence while having access to support when needed.

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