Freitag, 19. April 2013

Empowering people to manage their finances - Humanitas Financial Home Administration Programme

Financial Home Administration is a programme carried out by Humanitas to provide support to people not being able to manage independently their financial and administrative work. This project represents a social innovation as it fills in a gap in the service provision by starting before the classic debt reliefservices foreseen in the Netherlands and concretely addressing a new need emerged in society as consequence of the economic crisis (and of the increasing necessity of making choices in a liberalized economy: pensions, insurances, utilities etc). The project aims at preventing social poverty and social exclusion. In addition, it contributes to the empowerment of users improving their skills and abilities as well as promoting their active inclusion and (re)integration in society.

Source: INNOSERV Social Platform on Innovative Social Services Newsletter 2, April 2013

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